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Barbara Kleeb

When I had to find a title to this album I chose WOMAN because a lot of songs treat feminin themes: the freedom of emotions, childbirth, beauty of flowers, even the feminin Sex and it's use as the worst swear word of the English language which I try to give back to woman as a positively valoured part of her. Wanna know anything about me? Listen to the songs and you know a lot. I took the pictures of the flowers since I have been a fotografer. Of all the things I did in my life recording this CD was the nicest- the fulfillment of a dream.

My Music

My taste is wide. I like jazz, so in this CD we used trumpet and fluhorn, some songs are more a jazzy bluesy pop, I like a good synthesizer sound so we used a lot of different settings on the keyboard accompanying the chello and the violin in Hanami.


The lyrics are inspired by things that touch me or bother me. I look closer at everyday life and always find a reason to laugh. Humour is very present in my life. I wrote a lot of poems when I was seventeen. Poetry touches the heart.


Musicians of WOMAN

JOSE C bass

RAIDEL piano

DARIEL drums

NELSON mastering

ENRIQUE manager