How everything started

About this CD

  • 1st stage: In a Taxi driving to the airport I met Enrique who told me to be a Salsa singer and often working in the studio.
  • 2nd stage I started songwriting with stuffed ears and some other songs. An sms contact said, Enrique was able to organize me everything for the recording of my songs.
  • 3rd stage  November 2014 When I arrived in Havanna everything was organized perfectly. A super studio in a nice house with great people. Young musicians all playing in the same salsa  band, the pianist still studiing, who created a super sound to the songs after hearing  electronic or accustic examples.
  • 4th stage:The CD was finished and way above my expectations. I nearly couldn't sleep out of happyness. Later, at home I realized what I wanted to make it better. So I had to go back.
  • 5th stage A second team played 3 of the songs, more experienced musicians. The mixing and mastering could be perfectionated. I got closer to those lovely people.

The whole experience was such an great fun, we laughed a lot, everyone was kind and talented and such a joy to work with. My live's greatest adventure up to now.

Thank everyone who supported me from all my heart. You are wonderful people above all my friend Enrique.


My Music

My taste is wide. I like jazz, so in this CD we used trumpet and fluhorn, some songs are more a jazzy bluesy pop, I like a good synthesizer sound so we used a lot of different settings on the keyboard accompanying the chello and the violin in Hanami.


The lyrics are inspired by things that touch me or bother me. I look closer at everyday life and always find a reason to laugh. Humour is very present in my life. I wrote a lot of poems when I was seventeen. Poetry touches the heart.