Emanuel Kant ©

When I wake up in the morning
I need an hour to prepare   
Half an hour for the shower   
Other half for coffee and breakfast

I often have so many ideas
In   the beginning of the day   
When I follow them and read something    
I’m often getting late
So I have to run
To the station on the hill
Cause would I walk slowly
I would surely miss the train

Every time I have to run
Towards the station on the hill   
I meet a serious looking guy with glasses   
And his long eared dog   
Emanuel Kant
That’s how I call him   
Emanuel Kant
Was just like him   
Emanuel Kant   
Was on his walks just as timely as a watch   

He’s walking every day the same time
Punctually as a clock   
So when I meet him I sure know the time   
It’s like looking at a watch   


Every time I meet the guy   
    I am looking where he is   
    Is he near the hilltop I’m happy to know   
    I will surely catch the train


Would mankind go out of watches   
    I would always know the time   
    Emanuel Kant and his little dog   
    Walks at seven down the line   


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About Emanuel Kant

Es gibt ihn wirklich, den pünktlichen Mann mit dem Hündchen. Das Stück ist ähnlich einem Blues, das Flügelhorn von Roberto gefällt mir besonders gut und erinnert mich an Miles Davis. Die Band, die sonst Fusion spielt, verleiht dem Stück die Note von Jazz.

The guy with the little dog really exists. The song has a blues feel and is accompanied by a fusion band. 2 days after this recording they played in Jazz Cafe Havanna and of course, I went to listen. The flu-horn player, who reminds me of Miles Davis, is the bandleader. Being a music professor he helped me with the arrangements of the 3 pieces he plays.