Hanami ©

Look at the flower   
- Hanami     
Japanese lady      
under the cherry tree
Surrounded by her friends and her family            
She was travelling north already for two weeks      
To look at the White pure and soft
And the blue sky behind it            
The stamens with their little yellow heads
The pistils attracting the bees

The smell of the spring        
She was looking all day long
At Sakuras flowers above
The smell of the spring
She was looking all day long
Till Sakuras petals float to the ground

She’s looking and she’s meditating                
About the flowers and her younger days
She feels the smoothness of the breeze
Like lifetimes spring
Her eyes drinking the flowers light
her heart open with joy


The white turns pink                          
The breeze is porting
All the petals from the tree
Like a trace of snowflakes
So every year she s coming back                       
The same two weeks of springtime
They eat outside and stay up late
Laughing and drinking
Two days later they travel back
Serious work all year round


Look at the flower                               
- Hanami
Japanese lady
Under the cherry tree

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About Hanami

Hanami is a song about the japanese Rite of admiring Cherryflowers (Sakura)
Its a Pop Song with violin and Cello, natural Drums made by beating on different woods. Soft Pop Song with a deep Text: admiration of the Symbol of beauty, the japanese Cherryflower.