Sad Eyes ©

Sad eyes since the last morning          
Hair left with nots and disorder
breath heavy and sighing
Eyes red from weeping
Her heart palpitating on her chest
Her mood dark as the night

She’d been left without a message       
No explanation
Out of the blue
She’d been left without a message         
Her only true love
Had just gone away
She was all so insecure
Didn’t know where to go
Looking for cuddles and comfort
Did not know where to get it
Lost without space and time
Didn’t know what to do


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About Sad Eyes

Sad eyes beschreibt eine Frau, die am vorherigen Tag von der Liebe ihres Lebens verlassen worden ist. Der Song könnte in einer Bar am Flügel gespielt werden, die Sängerin lehnt sich im langen Kleid ans Piano und teilt ihre Gefühle mit dem Publikum. Pianobarmusik.

Sad eyes describes a woman who had been left the last day. My friends say, they see me as a diva leaning against the grand piano singing this song. Pianobar music