Gelati am See ©

Every day from two to eight he's standing in the Sun
He's selling icecream and I guess, it's weekly 'bout a ton
And he smiles at everyone and everyone's his friend
At home his seven kids wait till his work comes to an end

One day a lady with a broken tooth
Feeling sore and aching
She wandered at the lake afraid
That all her scull was breaking
But when she saw the big yellow cup
Two balls of plastic red and brown
She suddenly knew what to do
Icecream takes away all the pain


His grandma in hot summer sun
coming to Gelati
Taking of her bag two grey
Knitted woolen stockings
To warm up his kids watching TV
hot are the summer nights
that’s why she got two fresh
Handmade balls of icecream



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About Gelati am See

This happy song about a happy man sellling icecream besides the beautiful lake of Zürich is a Pop song with a touch of jazz- mainly the flu-horn- a trumpet like instrument that sounds a little like Miles Davis gives it the touch of souljazz. You could listen to it sitting in a stylishl bar or just to enjoy the sound of it and brighten up your mood.

Der Glacéverkäufer ist immer glücklich, seit er diesen Beruf hat. Seine Kinder sind auch oft am See. Der Song ist ein Pop Jazz Stück, das Flügelhorn gibt ihm eine Prise von Soul/ Jazz und der Song macht den, der in hört genau so glücklich, wie alle, die ein Eis essen bei Gelati am See.